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*BARRE CLASS with Jenn 



Instructor: Jenn Wright

Welcome to  Barre with Jenn Wright 

This class blends ballet, pilates, yoga and strength into one unique full body sculpt. In a one hour format the class will combine strength training, ballet barre exercises, cardiovascular intervals, core work and mobility moves. Come experience a fun workout that will leave you invigorated. What to bring: water, a yoga mat, and your energy!

Saturdays from 8am to 9am 

$129.00 for all classes ($21.50 per class)  

Drop ins: $23.50 per class 



*Adult TAP CLASSES  (Open Level!)

 * Session: 

 * Registered Full Session: $144.00

Instructor: Amanda Locke

This is an open level Tap class! We welcome beginners and experienced tappers. Steps will be modified to fit each individual level . Amanda Loche is amazing at teaching beginners and challenging experienced tappers all  in the same class. Please wear clothing you can move in.  Tap shoes are not mandatory to try out the tap session, though definitely beneficial!  Socks or  CLEAN smooth soled indoor shoes work just fine for beginners. Basic technique will be taught each class as well as a small routine.  Come have some fun!

*Pilates with Guest Instructor Alana Barker

Session: Currently not running.

Instructor : Alana Barker

This Pilates class will be a hybrid class combining the spinal mobility & core strength benefits of pilates with focused glute, arm and leg strength. Participants are to bring their own resistance band to class and an optional set of light weights (2-8lbs) if possible. The goal of this class is to challenge you by using a wide range of motion in the joints and build strength. We will be squatting, lunging, planking, curling, bridging, bending and extending! See what your body can do! 

Registered Session:$

Pre registered Drop in:

*Adult Contemporary Dance 

Wednesdays: 8pm-9pm 


Instructor: Hailey Neufeld

Adult Contemporary is a ballet based contemporary movement class. 

Please wear clothes you can move in and wear socks or bare feet.

Registered 5 Sessions: 

Pre Register for drop in:


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