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Levels and Placements for our Programs

  • We offer a 10 month  program (September to June) in the following classes : 

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  •  Jazz

  • Modern

  •  Musical Theatre

  • Hip Hop

  •  Acro

  • Ballet and Jazz Technique classes

  • Vocals

  • Acting

  • Student placement decisions are made by the teachers at In House studio. Technical ability is the defining factor of which class a student is placed.  During the month of September there may be some adjustments within classes to create the right technical fit for each class. 

  • We have a few different program/tracks at our studio. How do they work? Let us explain.


  • Pre school (ages 3+4 yrs).

  • Level A  (Kindergarten and Grade 1)

  • Level B  (grade 2-3. ) 

  • Level C  (Grade 4-6)

  • Level D  (Grade 7+).

  • Level E ( Grade 8+)

  • *Ballet is not mandatory in our Recreational program but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.  Ballet is mandatory if registering for a Modern class. Ballet technique will give your dancer a strong advantage in improving in all dance styles and understanding how to move the body safely with the right muscles and alignment, (especially  for Jazz and Modern)  Ballet is the theory behind all movement.  We always encourage a new dancer to take Ballet, Jazz and Tap  as a great starting point to their dance journey. These 3 classes offer all fundamentals needed to thrive and grow as dancer. 


  •  Pre Competitive Track 

  • Level 1 Track 

  • Level 2 Track 

  •  Level  3 Track 

  • Our competitive tracks are by invitation from our teachers. These tracks require strong commitment from our dancers in attendance, hard work. and positive team work! These tracks are created for dancers that are hungry for challenge and are committed to excelling in technical dance and performance.These classes progress quickly. Attendance is very important.  Parents and dancers need to be on board in this program. This is a full family commitment. This program can have your dancer excel to a pre professional level by the end of grade 12.  These competitive levels attend mandatory 2-3 competitions each season.  (Extra fees per competition.)  If a dancer misses more than 3 classes (unless due to illness)  in Tech or Choreography classes, the instructor has the option to re evaluate if a dancer will attend competition or remain in the accelerated program .   Our instructors will approach the dancers they believe are hard working, passionate and ready for the competition track. When the instructors  believe a dancer is ready to move up a level, the instructors base their decisions off of the following factors: *technical ability, *performance ability, *strong commitment and  *dancer demonstrating positivity and encouragement towards their fellow dancers.  

              * Pre Competitive Track:  mandatory classes per week,  Ballet Pre Competitive, Jazz Technique Junior, Jazz B or C , Ballet B or C (this program is offered  ages 7-10)


  • Level 1:  mandatory classes per week,  Ballet 1,  Ballet Technique 1,  Jazz Technique 1, Jazz 1, Modern 1, Stretch and Strength, Tap highly encouraged.


    Level 2:  mandatory classes per week,  Ballet 2,  Ballet Technique 2, Stretch and Strength,  Jazz Technique 2, Jazz 2, Modern 2, Ballet Technique D (optional), Tap highly encouraged.

  • Level 3  mandatory classes per week,  Ballet 3, Ballet Technique 3,  Pointe,  Jazz Technique 3,  Jazz 3, Modern 3, Ballet Technique 2 (optional) Tap highly encouraged.

  •  Class attendance is very important for all our dancers, It allows for strong muscle memory development in the body. 

  •  A dancer will feel confident in choreography and not fall behind if attending each class. 

  • Please be on time for class so you don't miss the warm up. Warm up is important in keeping your muscles warm, safe and stretched so injury does not occur. 

  • Both of our large studios at In House Performing Arts have built in sprung floors to avoid repetitive strain injuries for the safety of our dancers. 

  • Dancer's locker rentals are $32/ season. First come first serve to rent in September.







Ballet is the foundation of almost all dance techniques. For a dancer to excel in any dance class , multiple Ballet classes are a must!  Ballet Choreo classes requires a Ballet Tech class for B level and up.  These classes instructs body alignment, engages muscle memory, builds muscle strength and fluidity.  Dancers learn to create balletic movement to slow and quick music rhythms in class.  Ballet technique is formed with barre, across the floor and centre work.  At In House Studio, we encourage all dancers to take Ballet if registering for Jazz, Musical Theatre and Modern. Ballet builds core strength, strong movement in arm, legs and stretched feet.  A dancer can connect faster to other styles of choreography with ballet training . Ballet is the "theory" of all dance.  Ballet is  mandatory  for Level C1-3 dancers and highly encouraged for Level A-D rec classes.

Ballet is offered to ages 3+


Jazz  is fun and upbeat!  Class begins with a strong conditioning body warm up. This engages the body safely through alignment and strength plus stretching techniques to ensure the body is ready for class. Class continues with technical jumps and turn excercises across the floor plus choreography. Ballet is highly encouraged when taking Jazz.



Contemporary/ Modern classes starts with a strong conditioning stretch and strength warm up. Followed by across the floor turns and contraction/release movement from jumps to floor work.  A lot of intricate timing of rushed and slow movement in choreography.  There is a lot of emphasis in using breath work. Contemporary always tells a story and releases a feeling/energy through movement. Contemporary choreography can be very healing for the soul. If registering for Modern, a Ballet Technique class is mandatory. 
Modern class is available to dancers grade 4+


Musical Theatre combines acting, singing and dancing to a song from a musical!  All three focuses are very strong. We teach breath work, diaphragm engagement and articulation in voice. Our focus is connecting character work, vocals and acting through the choreography and story.  If registering for Musical Theatre, Ballet or Jazz is highly encouraged.

In House Dance Portraits-2521-Edit1.jpg


Tap is all about rhythm! Your feet learn technical tap rhythms that start with basic learning and build from there. It's a lot of fun and can help dancers understand rhythm dynamics for all classes. Ballet is highly encouraged when taking Tap.


Hip Hop is all about style movement. It started on the streets of New York back in the 70's. Its a fun energetic class focusing on pop and locking, rhythms, breaking, up rock and street jazz. This is a commercial style of dance.



  • The ballet/movement class is a fun way to introduce your tiny dancer to the world of dance. This class has a little barre warm up, including plies, tendus and skips across the floor.  Wonderful, fun music and sometimes even singing! 

  • Tiny Acro for pre school kids ages 3&4, learning basic rolls, cart wheels and dance fun! 


                            Ballet and Jazz

Ballet Technique and Jazz Technique are strictly technical classes, there is no performance opportunity with this class. These classes help dancers improve in their turns, jumps, flexibility and strength.   We encourage a technique class along side your Ballet and Jazz class!



 Truly beginner dance classes offered for adults!. These classes runs in 6-8 week sessions covering a whole mix of different genres of dance.  So much fun! Warm up and basic movement training + choreography  in Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap!
If you'd like to register for these classes on line please check our website under "more" for updates on which adult classes we are running. 


This 2 day weekend course is fantastic for any student (singer, dancer or actor)  in grade 10 and up  who is considering stepping into a  performing arts career.  Do you ever question "How do I get started in the Industry? "How do I find work as a dancer, actor or singer?" This class is for you!! These classes will teach your student how to confidently approach auditions for Stage, Film, Theatre school, Agencies and Casting Directors in Vancouver and Toronto.  Students will learn acting techniques for Stage and Film, and build vocal repertoire and monologues to win Musical Theatre auditions.  We will educate your students about the top notch, most sought out  performing art programs in Canada and help prepare each student's audition for the program of their choice.. 

We will educate your student about  ACTRA & Equity unions and why they are important to serve all performers. We will study acting scene work and basic movement dance terminology for non dancers. 



 Pre School Acro program runs ages 3+4 years. Acro program is for ages 5yrs+.  Some of the many skills a dancer can be learning: Full Splits/L-R-M, Handstand Front Roll/Handstand Holds (3 sec) Backward Pike Roll, CArwheel/1 Arm both sides, Hyper extended Bridge, Kick Over/Back or Front, Rounded off Rebound , Dive Cartwheel,: stretching/Conditioning, Handstand Holds/Strad.




 New Classes !

*Vocal Training Classes


Grade 4+.

 *Acting Classes


Grade 4+.

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